Hi!!! My name is Charla ! I am a native of the Chattahoochee Valley. I've lived on both the Alabama and Georgia side. Besides photography, my loves are spending time with my family, interior design, relaxing at the beach, a good cup of coffee and binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix.

Photography has been such a blessing to me not only because of the freedom it allows, but because of the personal interaction I enjoy getting to know my clients along their journey. I'm allowed to see these little snapshots of a family for such brief moments. I treasure each of those moments and I know you will too.

Why me, you ask? Photography is more accessible now than ever. Advances in technology, smart phones, and a plethora of apps have all made it possible for anyone to do things with photos that was impossible a decade ago. However, there are still numerous reasons to hire a professional photographer. It may be a cheaper to call on a friend or family member to grab a camera or smart phone, hiring a professional makes ALL the difference in the end. Great photos are more than a great lens or a smart phone. A professional photographer understands lighting, locations, complex editing and effects. We know how to use each aspect to make the type of photos that will capture that single moment in time and freeze it in a memory you will never forget. Together, we can capture some really great moments so you can re-live them each time you glance at that photo. Take a breath, take a moment and let's make those memories come alive for years to come!